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A Contemplative Practice
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Lectio 360 is a guided contemplative practice of self-care, intended to help you connect compassionately to your inner dialogue to better assess your truth and improve your intuition.


Inspired by a centuries-old group
practice of reading scripture, Lectio 360 is a nonsectarian guided contemplation of poetry or prose selected from the world's great writers. You are invited to simply listen, attend to your internal processes and be guided to your own personal goals. All you have to do is receive. 

What is Lectio 360?


The purpose of Lectio 360 is multifold: to understand yourself better; to assess your unique challenges and opportunities compassionately and honestly; to deepen and strengthen your personal spiritual practice; to help ground you in the sacred in every thing, every day. 

Weekly sessions are Friday at 5:00 p.m. EDT and are open to all. (For small, in-person group sessions, please see Workshops.) Each weekly, public Zoom session is 30-45 minutes. I read a selected verse four times. After each reading, I will pause and invite you to notice what you are reacting to. You are encouraged to keep a journal or notepad at hand to write down  any meaningful words you hear and observe your personal inner commentary as we continue through the readings. 

1. Orate: The first reading introduces you to the verse, as you listen.  

2. Contemplate: The second reading invites connection, contemplation and making meaning.

3. Meditate: The third reading calls for a deeper meditation, reflection and resonance.

4. Integrate: The fourth reading rests within you. As you integrate the meaning, it becomes part of
your personal practice. 


How Does It Work?
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The second reading invites you to listen. Just listen. Without judgment, without expectation. Just be a listener and let the words wash over you like a gentle shower. Receive with a beginner's mind, an open heart and fresh ears.

A Deeper Look
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The first reading introduces you to the selected verse for this session. 

You are invited to listen. Just listen. Without judgment, without expectation. Just be a listener and let the words waft over you like a soft breeze or soak in like a gentle shower. Receive with a beginner's mind, an open heart and fresh ears, even if you are familiar with the verse. Just listen.

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The second reading invites you to listen, again, and reflect on what resonates for you. What word, words or phrase shimmers? Listen to what seems important. Perhaps a word or rhythm or sound resonates, echoing in your heart or psyche; pause there. See if it takes hold of you and whispers, "Me. Listen to me." Let your attention be light but receptive to the signal.


You may wish to write down what you heard or think you heard. It doesn't have to be *accurate.* Remembering that you do not have to grasp for anything, simply allow the process to connect what you hear; with what you feel. This is a personal contemplative practice and each time you participate, it will be unique. You practice Lectio 360 to grow, not to check a task off a to-do list. 

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The third reading gives you the opportunity to deepen the connection you've noticed and savor it. Let your vibration with the word, words or phrase resound. Notice what's new that you hear now. Open your heart and mind to the words and meditate on the connection you are making with your hopes, your wishes.


Return to your notes, write any word or words again, or anew. Add any words of your own feelings as you connect this Lectio 360 practice to the yearning in your heart without any evaluation or judgment. Let the connection grow stronger. Step out of your own way and allow meaning to emerge without judgment.

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The fourth reading rests and merges within you. By now, your attention to the reading is integrated with your attention to yourself. You have heard and selected words that have personal meaning, and you may have now chosen and added your own words.

You may wish to organize your notes into a more coherent phrase of affirmation or a prayer for yourself or others.


Listen to the cadence of your own affirmation, your prayer. Your Lectio 360 practice here has guided you to the word or words that are important for you to attend to at this time -- to inspire you, to uplift and care for your heart. 

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May you go forward with a peaceful heart.
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Lectio 360 Workshops

I am currently developing a schedule for in-person workshops at HAYVN in Darien, Connecticut. If you are interested, please inquire.

Using guided meditations and selected readings, the five-week Workshop leads you through a contemplative, therapeutic process in a small group setting. The goal is to help you connect with your deepest intuition for answers to the questions that you are asking yourself, solutions to the problems you are facing, and progress over the obstacles in your way.

Why should I sign up for this?

If you feel stuck in some way (job, relationships, personal growth), if you have a specific goal you are working on (building a new website, reaching a target weight, overcoming a block in a relationship or a long-held phobia that's holding you back), if you are seeking greater serenity, a more peaceful day-to-day life, or simply more meaningful inspiration for living, Lectio 360 Workshops can provide a safe, synergistic collective space for you to reconnect with your inner wisdom, strengthen your personal spiritual practice, and develop and deepen trust in your valuable intuition.

How does it work?

We meet weekly for five 60-minute sessions (the first session may run longer to include introductions and orientation). The size of the group is limited to 

accommodate as much personal attention as possible. I present the selected reading multiple times and facilitate a guided conversation with thoughtful, targeted questioning designed to to help you probe your individual responses and provide clarity for your personal growth and examination.

Date and time

I am currently developing a schedule for in-person workshops at HAYVN in Darien, Connecticut. If you are interested, please inquire.


At $250, I have designed the cost of my Workshop to be affordable to you. Consider the value of taking time to care for yourself. Consider the importance of slowing down, if just for a hour a week. Consider the synergy of being in the company of like-minded practitioners. Consider the restorative benefits of nourishing your spirit. I want everyone to have access to this remarkable treatment. 


Payment for your Workshop can be made with Venmo, Zelle or credit card. Payments are non-refundable. 


Schedule and Signing Up


Please contact me with any comments or questions at the phone or email below. 

If you would like more information about me and the counseling services I offer, please see


I write a weekly blog focused on helping you live with compassion for yourself
and others. I invite you to sign up here. You can also follow me on other social media. 

(203) 952-6272


Lectio 360 is held every Friday at 5:00 p.m. EST via Zoom. Sessions are open to all and are 30-45 minutes long. A reminder email with the Zoom link is sent out Wednesday evenings. To sign up for that email, please click here.


Pay-What-You-Want pricing

The cost of a public Friday Lectio 360 session is up to you. A minimum of $5.00 per session is requested but never required. Payments of $5 or any amount you deem reasonable can be made with Venmo (Meg-Reilly-360), Zelle ( or credit card and are non-refundable. 

Open Friday Sessions
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